EXTASE22 x Tomorrowland

Do you know the feeling that your heart beats and echoes like a drum
That feeling of the melody, which moves you to your core
Sound is pulsing through your veins
Sweat is dripping down your body
It is a rush through your head and overwhelms you with a feeling of great happiness
You are blinded by lasers and wondered by solidarity
it is what makes us feel alive
But the true soul of music
Connecting with others
sharing our experiences with people far and wide
connecting through a mutual love for unique and immersive performances
that connection is our fuel

That connection is you in EXTASE22


Photoshoot during Tomorrowland 2022

Photographer Jonathan Widdershoven | HMU Fanny Forster | ModelsRockagency, Jochem and Kore 

Special thanks to

Tomorrowland, Debby Wilmsen | ModelsRockagency, Natascha Scheffers - Bente Pelzers | Fanny Forster - Nando Kisters - Lynn Borghans